Prevent Fall Hazards With GHB Fall Protection

When you are responsible for the safety of your workers, it is absolutely necessary to implement a complete job hazard analysis for your workplace or job-site. One of the most important components of this task is a comprehensive fall hazard analysis. In terms of annual injuries and costs, falls are only behind motor vehicle accidents. GHB Fall Protection can provide fall hazard & protection assessment service as the first step to mitigate fall hazards.


Fall HazardAn edge of 4 feet or more is considered a fall hazard and a Fall Protection Site Safety Abatement Plan and Systems are required per OSHA 1910.23(b)(1)

Fall Hazard Analysis

Fall Hazard Assessment For ANSI & OSHA Compliance

Our trained staff will provide onsite hazard assessment to evaluate:

  • Building dimensions and structure
  • Work procedures
  • Number of users exposed to fall hazard simultaneously
  • Duration and frequency of exposure
  • Fall clearance and other site specific considerations

Our expert fall protection professionals will discuss available options for fall risk elimination and prevention, or a system that would safely arrest the user’s fall prior to reaching any lower levels. GHB Fall Protection can provide a custom fall protection system with a specific plan of action for your workplace, including the proper certification, as well as training for your staff or system users by a “qualified person”.

Call GHB Fall Protection to Analyze Your Workplace Fall Hazards

For the safest daily operations in your workplace, contact the experts at GHB Fall Protection. We can provide a fall hazard assessment for your facility, and a comprehensive report of our findings and recommendations for solutions to existing workplace fall hazards.

Fall Arrest System

GHB Fall Protection believes that education is the first step to Fall Protection.  Call today for information on implementing a safer workplace for tomorrow.
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