Fall Protection Services and Roof Anchor Safety Services

GHB Fall Protection Specialists offer a variety of Fall Hazard solutions to mitigate risk and reward awareness.   We understand the enormous pressure to keep employees safe and provide unique solutions for each distinctive client.  We certify and re-certify roof anchors, Build Site Safety Plans and Roll Out Employee Training Programs as well as work as a Consultants to ensure your work site meets all OSHA, ANSI and State Regulations & Legislation. GHB Fall Hazard Education:Fall Avoidance, Fall Prevention, Fall Protection, Fall Arrest, Fall Restraint. ROOF ANCHOR INSPECTIONS DID YOU KNOW? OSHA requires that all building owners must have the roof anchors inspected and certified annually (OHSA Part 1910.66), to ensure a safe workplace for any worker that uses the anchors to access work areas.


  • Annual Anchor Inspections
  • Anchor Load Test Anchor Re-Certification
  • Fall Protection Training
  • Fall Hazard Safety Plans
  • Fall Protection Site Survey
  • Horizontal Lifeline Installation
  • Roof Anchor Engineering & Installation
  • Fall Protection Consultations

Consultation Fee Structure and Pricing:

Initial 15 minute consultation over the phone – FREE
Initial Site Visit – $85.00 per hour with a two hour minimum.  The two hours include drive time from Bellevue office to job site.  This fee may vary depending on location.

As a courtesy to our customers, we take care of all annual scheduling and forward the inspection report/certification to you for review and comment.

Cedar East Anchor Inpections

Annual Roof Anchor Inspections

Cedar East Roof Anchor Inspections

Cedar East Roof Anchor Inspections

Anchor Load Testing

Anchor Load Testing for Re-Certification

Annual Roof Anchor Inspections

Annual Roof Anchor Inspections


Deformations and Abnormalities
Structural Deformations can occur through applied force or changes in weather or temperature. This is often seen in davits and fall protection anchors after years of use.

Internal and External Forces
Internal forces on materials of a structure can determine if there will be the strength to withstand over time and through external influences such as weather and other structural consequence.

The stresses placed on a structure such as wind in tall buildings or water on bridges piers can weaken the overall structure over time. We can determine what stresses will be imposed on a structure and how to proactively maintain it throughout its lifetime.

Support Reactions
Understanding support reactions for permanent or temporary facade access equipment is vital in the design of these systems.

We evaluate overall structural stability of the entire system as opposed to looking at only the temporary or permanent elements.

Proper structural analysis can save you time, money and help you to avoid dangerous situations on the job site.