GHB Fall Protection Service Area: Washington, Oregon & Idaho

Fall HazardHuman lives are dependent on your choice for a fall protection provider and consultant.   Weather a fall protection specialist is needed due to heightened concern for employee safety or a need has arisen by a recent OSHA citation, finding the right Fall Protection and Roof Anchor consultant is critical.   GHB Fall Protection has been providing Safety through Education for over 25 years nationwide.  Call today for information on implementing a safe workplace for tomorrow.

Service Area

GHB Fall Protection Service Location and Service Areas

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Fall Restraint Guard Rail

A fall protection system that prevents the user from falling any distance – example a guard rail

GHB Fall Protection believes that education is the first step to Fall Protection.  Call today for information on implementing a safer workplace for tomorrow.
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GHB Fall Protection Service Location and Service Areas [su_accordion] [su_spoiler title="Washington Fall Protection Services" icon="plus-square-1"] Seattle Fall Hazard Analysis Seattle Fall Protection Training Seattle Design & Engineering Seattle Annual Anchor Inspections Seattle Anchor Certification Seattle Anchor Load Pull Testing [/su_spoiler] [su_spoiler title="Oregon Fall Protection Services" icon="plus-square-1"] Fall Hazard Analysis Fall Protection Training Design & Engineering [...]


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