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Temporary Roof Anchors

If your building has limited roof anchors or tie off points, we have mobile roof anchors that are OSHA and ANSI approved.  Parapet Clamps and Roof Rig Mobile Anchors.

Parapet Clamp and Roof Rig for window cleaning and building maintenance

If you have limited access to cleaning windows, or exterior building maintenance work GHB Window Cleaning Services has the tools and expertise to wash your windows  or maintain the exterior of buildings safely and on budget.

Prior to using any mobile anchor system a proper knowledge of a typical worker weight and instruction must be understood by each operator.

Mobile roof rigs are designed with an Outreach Arm/Beam and Counterweights.  The Outreach arm can extend typically from 2 feet to 3 feet and can hold a typical average worker plus tools.   The counterweights, depending on the arm outreach, ranges from 400 lbs – 800 lbs.  Mobile roof rigs must be certified by OSHA and meet all ANSI standards for fall protection and proper inspection prior to use is required.

A parapet clamp is another anchor point that could be used for buildings with limited roof anchors.   The clamp is secured on the engineered  structured parapet wall and can typically hold one average person  including tools and supplies.  Each parapet clamp needs to be OSHA certified and  meet all ANSI standards for fall protection.

Prior to any work initiating, a proper Fall Protection Site Safety Plan must be submitted to the building owner and property manager.   The Site Safety Plan must be signed by any employee working on edges higher than 4 feet.   Any leading edge over 4 feet is considered a fall hazard, thus requiring a Fall Protection Site Safety Plan and system per OSHA 1910.23(b)(1).